Friends of St. Josephs Bay


March 15, 2017

Archaeology Weekend in Port St. Joe March 25, 2017

March 25, 2017  Archaeology Weekend in Port St. Joe Continues! Saturday, March 25, 2017 will be a fun day with the activity "DASH from the PAST". Meet the Florida Public Archaeology Network Experts at the Constitutional Memorial Museum. They will send you on an Archaeological Scavenger Hunt. Lots of fun for all ages to be enjoyed.

03/15/17, 02:05 PM

Archaeology Weekend in PSJ on March 24th

March 24, 2017  Archaeology Weekend in Port St. Joe. Friday, March 24, 2017. Join us at the Preserve Visitor Center for an outstanding presentation on "Obstructing the Mighty apalachicola: Riverine Defenses of the Confederacy." Presented by Nicole Grinnan, M.A>, RPA of the Florida Public Archaeology Network. 

03/15/17, 02:01 PM

January 18, 2017

Eagle Program WAS GREAT!

Eagle Program at Buffer Preserve by Outstanding Presenter!

It starts at 10:00am EST at the St. Joseph Bay State Buffer Preserve Visitor's Center! An excellent opportunity to learn about eagles by one of the most outstanding presenters ever! Lynda White worked with eagles for many years and has so many great stories about these magnificent birds. This is a program that you will want to attend to see the many pictures of eagles, learn about their habits, nests, eaglets, and many other topics of interest.  

Program takes place in the Visitor Center (Building B) at the Preserve. You will laugh at the antics of the eagles, people involved with the eagles and delight in the pictures of eagles "doing their thing"!! Join Us!

01/18/17, 02:42 PM

Winter Bay Day Just Around the Corner!

One of the best events in the area for February is just around the corner. Winter Bay Day is scheduled for February 4th. There will be a birding trip, led by Ron Houser which begins at 8am ET. Meet Ron on the deck of the St. Joseph Bay State Buffer Preserve and sign up for a great trip. There is no charge for the trip and you will travel in your own vehicle to sites beginning at Salinas Park and ending at the T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. Ron is an experienced birder and member of the Bay County Audubon Society who has documented as many as 57 birds on a  past trip at Bay Day. Your trip will end at 11am which is just in time to get in line for a delicious Low Country Shrimp Boil plate which has along with wild caught shrimp, Polish Kielbasa, corn-on-the-cob, new potatoes, and onions. The coleslaw, garlic bread and sweet tea round out a delicious meal. 

There will be 5 TRAM Tours throughout the day. Times are: 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am, 12:30pm and 2pm. The tram is a 26 passenger trailer that takes you on your tour. The seats allow you the opportunity to takes pictures along the way. You will hear about prescribed burning, photopoints, trees, rare plants, animals on the preserve, and lots of other interesting topics. There is no charge for the tours however you must sign up at the Visitor Center and receive a ticket for your requested time. Tickets can only be used at assigned times and must be presented to board the tram. Tickets are given out on a first-come basis so as soon as you know your best time go ahead and get your ticket. It is a fun tour.  

Join us on February 4th for a fun and exciting day!! Questions?? Call 850-229-1787, Ext. 1. If we don't know the answer to your question, we will find it for you. 

01/18/17, 09:09 AM

January 10, 2017

Annual Meeting A Success!

Annual Meeting for the Friends of St. Joseph Bay Preserves, a Citizen Support Organization was a huge success! Friends enjoyed presentations by Buffer Preserve Manager, Dylan; Aquatic Preserve Manager, Jon and Board President, Lynda. Time to ask questions was allowed and members enjoyed the opportunity to ask about items on their personal list of questions. Two new board members were presented by nominating committee chairman, past president John and elected by the membership present. Linda Palma and Tim Nelson join the group of outstanding board members and both have made many contributions to the projects of the Preserves.  After the presentations and general meeting attendees were invited to enjoy many kinds of chili - some spicy hot and others just heat hot. All delicious!! Cornbread, spicy crackers, and lots of fantastic desserts were enjoyed by members and guests. Members took the opportunity to renew their memberships and find out about upcoming events. It was a great day!l  

01/10/17, 10:56 AM

December 27, 2016

Annual Meeting

Annual Membership Meeting

of the

Friends of St. Joseph Bay Preserves

January 7, 2017             11am – 2pm ET

3915 State Road 30-A, PSJ          Building B, Visitor Center

for Friends members and not-yet members (guests)

Agenda: Brief presentations on accomplishments, annual treasurer’s report, nominating committee’s slate of candidates for directors for 2017-18, vote by attending members for board positions for directors, goals for 2017, opportunities to volunteer, renew memberships or join our Citizen Support Organization ---

Friends of St. Joseph Bay Preserves.

A potluck chili lunch will be served.

12/27/16, 02:20 PM

November 22, 2016

Thankful for our members

This is the perfect time of year to say THANK YOU to our faithful members of Friends of St. Joseph Bay Preserves!  We appreciate each and every one of our great members. Your membership is important to us and enables us to tackle many projects to make the preserve a better place.

11/22/16, 01:51 PM

November 15, 2016

Thank You for our Bay day Sponsors

Friends have the absolute BEST SPONSORS -- anywhere! We are hoping our fantastic sponsors of our Live auction, Silent Auction, and raffle will join us for a little celebration, Thursday, Nov 17 at 4pm. At that time you may join a group for a TRAM Tour to the Uplands of the Preserve. Manager, Dylan Shoemaker will lead this tour. At 5:15pm those unable to make it to TRAM Tour may join us in the Visitors Center for refreshments and visiting with other sponsors and Board members. A highlight of the evening could very well be the sun sinking over St. Joseph Bay Our sunsets are breathtaking.RSVP and let us know if you are coming please so we will have enough refreshments.  

11/15/16, 03:57 PM

June 16, 2016

June Starts Busy! Call Out for Bay Day Volunteers!

Well, we have been busy at the Buffer Preserve. Prepping for prescribed burns and conducting actual Rx fires keep personnel busy, busy. Almost every bed has been full with researchers and/or interns. We are excited to have everyone and always enjoy hearing about their work.
A group of Boy Scouts planned a project involving weeding and putting out pine straw. Their efforts greatly helped our curb appeal in front of the Visitor Center. We always love having younger environmentalists-in-training at the Preserve.
Some of our latest visitors include a nest, eggs, baby birds, and of course, a mama bird. Right on our deck railing mama bird built a nest and laid 4 eggs. They hatched -- much to our delight. We have loved watching them grow on a daily basis and will be sad when they fly away.
Our Visitor Center has been the site for several meetings for groups who do not have a meeting facility. Turtle Patrol groups and the Coastal Training Program from the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve met here and we are happy to be able to offer our site for their use.
T.S. Colin helped getting thinking about our Hurricane Disaster Plan. We are thankful it was just a mild test however we were happy to review our plan of action even we sincerely hope we never need it. Always be ready – in case – is our motto!
Friends of the Preserves are starting now to plan for October Bay Day. Want to be a part of this wonderful celebration of the Bay and Buffer Preserves? Just email us at or talk to any board member. These board members each have a committee and they are always needing good help. John Ehrman, Dewey Blaylock, Gene Cox, Sonny Chafin, Jeff Ross, Lillian Hughes, Lynda White, Nancy Thomson, March Ard, Shannon Lynch make up this super star group of volunteers!

06/16/16, 04:24 PM

April 20, 2016

National Volunteer Week!

It’s National Volunteer Week!
This is a perfect time to give a shout out to our “Extraordinary Volunteers”!
We have a great problem in that there are too many to list and we certainly would never want to leave anyone out. In order to familiarize you with what they do to help us and to give you some ideas of what you could do to help at the Preserve we are listing by categories. Not everyone could or would be a site volunteer; office assistant;  fundraiser; board member; gardener; cook; event planner; grant writer, baker, tour guide, Visitor Center greeter, IT expert, webcam installer, event worker, purchaser, presenter, brochure maker, deliverer,  . . . and the list goes on and on and on.  If you have a talent and some time we bet we can find a place for you! Call Sandra at 229-1787, Ext. 1 for more information.
MANY THANKS to March Ard, Linda Palma, Lillian Hughes, Lynda White, Jeff Ross, Dusty Alford, John Ehrman, Gene Cox, Dewey Blaylock, Shannon Lynch, Nancy Thomson, Sonny Chafin, Christine Lutz, Pam, Roy Ogles, Lee Edmiston, Penny Weining and others for work on special projects throughout the year!
To ALL BAY DAY Volunteers – We can’t say thank you enough! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are awesome! There are too many to name and we certainly do not want to leave anyone out.
To our Site Volunteers -- You are such a valuable resource for the Preserve. It would be really hard to try to do without you. You contributions are outstanding. We truly THANK YOU ALL!  
To those who help us with our Prescribed Burns – we do appreciate your assistance. You make our burns possible! The Nature Conservancy, PFTC (Prescribed Fire Training Center, Tallahassee), FL Forest Service, Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve, T. H. Stone Memorial, St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, Bald Point State Park, South Gulf County Volunteer Fire Dept., and Karen,  Robin, Mike, Kristy, and many more.

04/20/16, 11:19 PM